Florida’s hurricanes can be stressful, and recovery is tough to coordinate. We can change that for you. Set up your Disaster Recovery services with us today.

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first response representative

An Inspection Representative from Perkins Tree will be dispatched following the storm (when wind speeds are at or below 40mph) to evaluate & assess damages, and will determine the second phase of response, including team members & equipment necessary to begin clean-up and restoration efforts to the property.


second response team

Based on the findings of our First Response Representative, our crew will commence cutting and removal of hazardous condition debris, staging of hazardous removal, and hazardous pruning. This will include the continuum of staging all green material debris for disposal/removal on site at the property.



Dependent on the nature of the damages, our First Response Representative will establish crew members and the necessary equipment to perform corrective and restoration pruning, stump & root field grinding, as well as facilitation of storm debris removal (if required.)


In 2017, Hurricane Irma left a path of destruction resulting in over $50 billion dollars in property damages.

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