Professional tree pruning is essential for the health and longevity of trees, as well as for the safety of you & your surrounding community. Trees are necessary for our survival, add value and aesthetic beauty to properties, and serve a multitude of benefits.

Our team has over two decades of experience in pruning and caring for trees throughout Florida. We are here to discuss the maintenance needs of your trees and get you set up with a fool-proof plan.

Types of pruning services that we offer include:

Trimming of branches/limbs to affect spacing, growth rate, strength of attachment & eventual size of branches/stems; To remove co-dominate leaders, encouraging one central leader; Promoting vitality, core strength & integrity to future growth patterns and crown configurations.

Selective removal of dead, diseased, detached, damaged or broken branches; To reduce the movement of decay or disease into healthy tree tissue; Alleviating hazard limb conditions in the canopy.

Selective removal of branches to provide a vertical clearance; Crown raising is the shortening or removal of lower branches to provide ingress/egress for pedestrian and vehicular traffic or to eliminate encroachment to building structures, light poles, signage, etc.

Reduce the height and spread of the Hardwood Canopy(s) to assist in allowing sunlight filtration to understory materials & reduce the overall canopy size of the tree; This practice assists in minimizing interfering / encroaching branches; Providing adequate growth space for neighboring materials.

Selective removal of branches, sprouts and branch stubs due to improper pruning procedures (Hat Racking, Severe Heading, Liontailing) or storm damages; This practice will improve the structure, form, appearance and future health of the tree; Evaluation and selection of water sprouts in tree interior to promote growth into new limbs and branches.